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Dear Angler Friend,

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Do you wish to fish with your very own hand made bamboo fly rod?

Read "MY FLY ROD" and you will be able to build yourself your very own split bamboo fly rod.

Since 1979 I have built more than a hundred fly rods for myself and my friends..

I have organized 16 training courses for the building of bamboo fly rods and have taught hundreds of people the delicate art of following the tradition and appreciating the beauty of a hand made fly rod and the novelty of a really scientific approach to the rod action..

Thirty years of my expertise and experience is contained in this book

If, you too wish to share what I know and realize the pleasure of making and using your split bamboo rod yourself or with your friends- "MY FLY ROD" is for you .

Nineteen years ago, in a hurry, the first issue of "LA CANNE A MOUCHE" (Now out-of-print) appeared as the sole book in French about building a split cane rod. The greater part with excerpts from the new edition is on the site http://www.bamboo-fly-rod-building.com .

Nevertheless, this new issue is much more than that.

Inside this downloadable book, you will find and learn :

1. 125 pages of step-by-step explanations on how to build your rod,

2. 117 photographs, 32 technical sketches and drawings in 12 chapters describing precisely how to :
3. Flaming, split, strip split and stagger the strips (Chapter I)
4. Give the strips a triangular section (Chapter II),
5. Construct an oven and temper the strips inside (Chapter III),
6. Build your final planing forms, adjust them to fit the chosen taper (Chapter IV), lighten (alveolate) before gluing (Chapter V),

7. Build your binding machine and cement your strips (Chapter VI)

8. Link the pieces with a splice, a spigot or a ferrule (Chapitre VII),

9.Make your hand grasp, your reel seats, caps and rings (Chapter VIII),

10. Mount your guides (Chapter IX) and make your bindings (Chapter X)

11. Varnish your rod (Chapter XI)

12. Understand the rod working and compute your tapers (Chaper XI)

13. and so on...

This book is here  
in digital form

All this will allow you to follow step-by-step, the progress of the different processes and to be actually advised in their realisation.

canne refendu

The book is designed to allow you to create your rod in about one month, whether you are a beginner or an experienced person.

Its clear and widely illustrated form will guide you step by step in the progress of the different processes of building your rod.

The book - and the videos - are available in special offer at 37€ .

I offer it to you in digital form, (PDF format to be read or printed from your computer ).

With this downloadable book, you will also receive Eighteen Videos as a bonus:


Video1 - Chapter 1-1 Flaming the culm
Video2 - Chaper 1-2 Splitting the culm
Video3 - Working down the diaphragms
Video4 - Chapter 1-4-1 From the half culm to the strips
Video5 - Chapter 1-4-2 Getting the strips
Video6 - Chapter 1-5 Flattening and straightening the nodes. Straightening the strips
Video7 - Chapter 2-1 Carrying out the first angle - Getting triangular strips
Video8 - Chapter 4-1 The final planing form. Adjusting the planing form
Video9 - Chapter 4-2-1 Cutting the strips to taper (1)
Video10 - Cutting the strips to taper (2)
Video11 - Chapter 5 – Digging the strips
Video12 - Chapter 6-1 The binding machine
Video13 - Chapter 6-2 Gluing and assembling the strips
Video14 - Chapter 7-1 Making and cementing the reinforcements
Video15 - Chapter 7-2 Carrying out the splicing
Video16 - Chapter 7-3 Adjusting the splice
Video17 - Chapter 8 Reinforcements under the hand-grasp
Video18 - Drop varnishing

During the trickier process steps, the video will give you supplementary assistance (by showing the best methods).

Moreover you will have lifelong access to updating the book.

You will receive free of charge by email, all the new videos, without a time limit.

Price of the book
in PDF format
My Fly Rod
125 pages
150 illustrations and photographs
18 Videos :
37 €

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Last but not least you will get my personal guarantee "SATISFACTION OR FULL REFUND" within 30 days

If you are not absolutely satisfied with this book, your payment will be fully refunded upon simple written request.

This book is in digitalized (PDF format to be read or printed from your computer) being more convenient than a paper form..

Some testimonies of satisfied (and gained !) readers !

I really enjoyed your book.

Hello Josselin de Lespinay,

I have been waiting for you to reprint La Canne A Mouche as I have been searching for a copy of your first printing unsuccessfully.

I really enjoyed your book.

I have read most of the American books on building bamboo rods and found your book to be well worth reading. It has procedures and methods I have not seen before.

I think releasing all of the videos along with the book would let the reader move at their own pace. I believe that if you translated La Canne A Mouche into English you will find a new audience.

I am particularly interested in the way you splice the tip section to the butt section instead of using ferrules. I hope your video explaining pages 72 – 77 thoroughly.

This concept as it is literally foreign to me. I read Bremond’s article from the late 1970’s about hollow building and using a splice rather than a ferrule but I am still a little baffled by it.

A scale drawing of a layout like you show to the left of the bamboo in the picture on page 54 – (5.5) with the distances noted (lengths of the cells and the spaces in between) from one end to the other referencing a particular taper such as the Alcibiades so I can better understand the concept would help. Even having the position and lengths of the cells written to the right of the tapers on page 128 would be helpful.

Scott Moran
Walton, New York USA


Your work is a good address
and help to realize a rod

Bonsoire M. de Lespiney,

I am sorry, I can read and speak Franc, but I am unable to write in your beautiful language. So I replay in English.

I think that your work is correct from the descriptive point of view.

The videos are explicative and well made. I suggest only to add same music to accompanying the vision. Soft and meditative musics, for example, like Erik Satie.

I think that your work is a good address and help to realize a rod.

I think that the sequence of sending the videos parts are correct.

I think that the price of the book is correct considering the complexity of the work that you have made. Also today.

I hope that this short words can be useful for you, and you have my complete authorization to use it in your web page.

Thanks for your work.

Me salutation le plus distinguées

Marco Giardina


I like the simplicity of your method

I like the simplicity of your method. I knew that there just had to be a better way to build a rod than machining "bigger, better, faster" tools.

Thanks a lot.
Madison Saxton




Download your copy
of " MY FLY ROD"

And verify for yourself the qualitative and comprehensive information brought by "MY FLY ROD" and its 125 pages.

YES ! I want this e- book entitled "My Fly Rod". I understand that I shall receive under PDF format a book explaining all the building steps of a split bamboo rod

I shall receive my e-book immediately after my payment. It is downloadable and not sent by post under paper format.

I benefit today from the Book offer + 17 videos at 37€..

Likewise, I benefit from the "30 day satisfaction guarantee"If the book does not bring what is promised I shall fully paid back your purchase price.


30 days guarantee : satisfied or payed back.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase I pay you back.


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I love this book.

Dear Josselin,

Thank you so much!! I love this book.
It is so different from the American books I have.
Thanks again and great fishing!! :)



....having read the book - it is really worth the value.

Hello Josselin,
Yes, and I have been very satisfied with the your book. I think it is a great piece of work. I read it again and again - just to be sure that I got it right. ....

I think it is a very good idea with the videos. Pictures (and videos) are more than thousands words. And the rate is ok, I think the price is ok, and having read the book - it is really worth the value.

Many regards


Thanks for the chapter and videos, I think you have a good concept developing here.

Since you asked for my opinion I will give it to you. First, however, I think I should give you an idea of what I've read so far on this subject. The list comes from Thomas Penrose's site:

A Master's Guide to Building A Bamboo Fly Rod, by Everett Garrison with Hoagy B. Carmichael.

Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods, by Wayne Cattanach.

How to Make Bamboo Fly Rods, by George W. Barnes.

Fundamentals of Building a Bamboo Fly-Rod, by George E. Maurer and Bernard P. Elser

Constructing Cane Rods: Secrets of the Bamboo Fly Rod, by Ray Gould

Splitting Cane: Conversations With Bamboo Rodmakers, by Ed Engle

The Lovely Reed: An Enthusiast's Guide to Building Bamboo Fly Rods, by Jack Howell

Cane Rods: Tips & Tapers, by Ray Gould

I have not yet made a bamboo fly rod but have rebuilt two and built two graphite rods. I've been reading and researching the process of making bamboo rods in preparation for acquiring the necessary tools and building the equipment to make them.

The text of your Chapter 1 reminds me of Jack Howell's book in the simplicity of technique and bits of sound advice. If you have a chance I think you would benefit from reading it. I found that there is a second edition in print but you have to buy it from Mr. Howell for $60.00 (shipping may be higher for you). Your chapter has ideas that I have not found elsewhere and which seem quite useful. For example. sketching out the entire strip width on the culm section. A couple of sources suggest marking the strip divisions on the nodes but you are the first to suggest marking them along the entire length. Assuming that the rest of the book follows in a similar vein, I believe that you have a useful addition to a rodmaker's library in development.

I believe that your text could benefit from the assistance of a native English speaker. While you've generally done a good job expressing yourself in English, I did find a few phrases and sentences that could use a bit more clarity of language and polishing.

Also, and this is purely personal, I have some hesitation about paying about $60.00 US for an electronic book when the same amount would buy Jack Howell's wonderful printed book or a couple of others from the list above. I don't own any electronic device that would allow me to read the electronic book or look at the videos except my desktop computer.

As you can perhaps understand, this makes me hesitant to spend the $60.00 for your book since I already have the start of a good printed reference library for bamboo rod building. However, the videos add enough value that my hesitation could be overcome.

Cliff Parmer


Dear josselin

I am very happy with your book, once I tried it, I think your book is very helpful in the process of making bamboo fishing rod, I would like to ask, in addition to assembling a bamboo fishing rod if you sell it too???? Thank you for having share this incredible experience .
Best regards
Lam Gok



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